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The Human experience is made hard enough in modern society with people living in isolation. Mankind's future relies on total co-operation (sharing is caring) We are just getting there one step at a time.

(Humans = 70% pure water, 30% Impure Flesh. We must by all means become/enchance simply crystal clear. Till our souls are sacrementarianly meditating placidly, liquidly Conciously Holographically Dreaming Of 4D Pharoes+Orgies of Lesbian Aliens ¬ To archive such states we must ACIDIFY + Laughter + Nitrous Oxide + POPPERS + Press ur fingers on ur eyes while orgasming. This is the secret of life, Cherrish it, Dont abuse it, its no fucking mystery/mysery/myth... Seeing is Believing.. Dont believe before your see. or your not ready. Get steady GO! Win this rat race when your young, and enjoy, the medallions and trophies when your old and retired, jamming witha joint next to the heater listening to psydub

We all say "life is" way to many times in my opinion...for me, life is, like everything and to interpretation, and learning form misinterpretation. For one person it may be one thing, for another person it may be another thing, people see the world through their own eyes and they are all different....

Nonetheless Subconcious is Simplest

( The bible got 1 thing right, God Created the following on these days
Day 0= Nothing
Day 1= Time
Day 2= Light and Dark
Day 3= Matter
Day 4= Molecules
Day 5= Souls
Day 6= Living Nature
Day 7= Jammed With a Joint, and


Day Nth = Watched Expanding Holographic consciousness

Day Nth ^2 = For God on LSD, it sees People (Heavenly Earthlings)
Present day = For Humans on LSD, we see Loving Sacramentarian Dimensions (Heavenly Godlings)

We are our own author, and we write our story by living ... See Moreit....i believe this is true...but one of my most fundamental and upmost believes is that at the end of the day, "most" things come down to opinions, perceptions and believes....the way thing, people, situation

There are umpteen ways to define/delimitate our fragile existence. There are many ways to yeild /apply meaning, but it is your memories that shape its contextual purpose, the private assortment of images, loves, regrets, and we alone choose the important ones, of each, building our own unique histories, one step and memory at a time, hoping the ones we choose to remember, don’t betray or trap us, for it is the cruel irony of life, that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil, this is what separates us, it makes us human, and in the end, we must fight to hold on to, Upon this rock, the human existance is made hard enough in modern society with people living on isolation. Mankind's future relies on total cooperation, we are all getting there one step of the time


Life's a Long trip (Life=lsd)
Respect others in their own life trips
Keep your head in the sky and dont trip over


Step 1. Buy acid, Feel Good (take it with 1 other person in a home and not at party)

Step 2. Listen To Music ( Psychedelic Trance + rock mainly),

Step 3.Close Your Eyes

Step 4. Meditation ([long term] up to 12hrs)

Step 5. Override physical perception

Step 6. Increase intraocular pressure by using both index fingers

Step 7. Enjoy the Phosphenes ( for up to 12hrs)

Step 8. Open Your Eyes and stare at Nature or Alex Grey art.

Step 9. Concentrate on Significance Layering :

Step 10. Love LSD + LIFE (Preferably with a Wife)

Step Nth. LIVE